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Many Cleveland Browns stories seem too good to be true, but New Orleans Saints defensive lineman Cameron Jordan swears this is a real one.

Appearing on Wednesday’s edition of The Dan Patrick Show, Jordan said the Browns tried to draft him on the second day of the 2011 NFL Draft — despite the fact that the Saints had already selected him in the first round.

Jordan claims he received a phone call from the Browns during the second day of the draft, where he was told he was going to be their next pick. He had already gone 24th overall to the New Orleans Saints the previous day. In reality, they were attempting to take tight end Jordan Cameron in the fourth round.

“I’ll take two signing bonuses, but I refuse to go to Cleveland,” Jordan said succinctly in recounting the story.

This happened under the team’s previous ownership, but a quote allegedly from the team’s current owner really sums things up nicely here. It’s a legendary Browns story if true.

New Orleans Saints defensive end Cameron Jordan was born in Minnesota, but he doesn’t have too many memories from the six years he lived in the Twin Cities.

He remembers a time when it was so cold that he was locked out of a car and has another memory of jumping in some leaves on a fall day. He also recalls going into the Minnesota Vikings locker room and meeting his father’s co-workers, legendary football players like defensive Chris Doleman, safety Joey Browner and running back Darrin Nelson.

Jordan’s father, Steve, was a legend in his own right, making the Pro Bowl six times in his 13-year career as a tight end. And because the elder Jordan spent his entire career with the Vikings, that’s where he and his wife started their family, having three kids, including Cameron in the middle.

But, that doesn’t necessarily mean Cameron Jordan considers Sunday’s divisional-round matchup against the Vikings to be a homecoming.

“I spent the first six years of my life there, but my first kiss was in Arizona,” said Jordan, who mostly grew up in Chandler, Ariz.

Jordan said his father and brother will be at Sunday’s game at U.S. Bank Stadium. There will probably be some family friends there, too, but Jordan doesn’t really remember anyone that well from his youth in Minnesota.

And even though his dad has deep ties to the Vikings, Jordan has moved on from his connection to that team.

“You grow up and you get drafted by the Saints, and this is my team, this is my family and this is who I’m fighting for,” he said.

The Saints are surely glad to have Jordan on their side as they prepare for this win-or-go-home game. In the Week 1 loss to the Vikings, his performance was one of the few highlights for New Orleans as he had four tackles, one for loss, one sack and one pass defensed.

That performance proved to be a sign of things to come this season as Jordan proceeded to post career highs with 13 sacks and 11 passes defensed as well as tying his career-best 17 tackles for loss. In last week’s wild-card win over the Carolina Panthers, Jordan’s play lifted the defense as he had three tackles, one for loss, one sack, two passes defensed and forced quarterback Cam Newton into a costly intentional grounding penalty on Carolina’s final drive.

Cameron Jordan Jersey

Cameron Jordan is a defensive end for the New Orleans Saints. Jordan Cameron was a tight end for the Cleveland Browns and the Miami Dolphins before retiring in 2017. Cameron Jordan and Jordan Cameron are not the same person or player. They’re two entirely different human beings.

That might seem kinda obvious today with Jordan thriving as one of the game’s premier pass rushers and Cameron out of the NFL completely, but back during the 2011 draft, when both Jordan and Cameron were preparing to enter the league, it apparently wasn’t so obvious.

Just ask the Cleveland Browns, the formerly dysfunctional franchise that finally emerged as a competitive team this past season. Not long ago, the Browns were the laughingstock of the NFL. That’s not the case anymore after Baker Mayfield emerged as a franchise-caliber quarterback and the Browns won seven games. They’ll almost definitely be a trendy playoff pick this offseason.

This won’t be one of those positive stories. Right now, we’re going to look back on the dark times that once consumed Cleveland by listening to Jordan tell the story of how the Browns called him during the 2011 draft to tell him that they were drafting him in the fourth round. The only problem? The Saints had already drafted him in the first round. They meant to call Jordan Cameron, not Cameron Jordan.

We’re just going to assume the Browns knew they were drafting the tight end out of USC and not the defensive end out Cal, and just got their phone numbers mixed up. And if that’s the case, it’s really not that big of a deal, although it will go down in history as yet another case of the Browns being the Browns. This is the same franchise, after all, that failed to notify the league of a trade that had been agreed to by all involved parties (a blunder that benefited them, funnily enough). Calling the wrong Cameron doesn’t really matter — the Browns still drafted the right Cameron in the fourth round — but it’s yet another example of the Browns being the Browns.

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In the Browns’ defense, they’re hardly the only team to get the two confused. When the Dolphins signed Cameron in 2015, they accidentally announced that Jordan was joining their team. And here’s where I should probably admit that I’ve had a difficult time writing this post only because I keep getting the two names mixed up. Let’s just hope I didn’t mess it up at some point along the way. I’d hate to pull a Browns after making fun of the Browns for pulling a Browns.

Anyway, Jordan is probably feeling pretty fortunate about the way the 2011 draft worked out. He’s spent his entire eight-year career in New Orleans, racking up 71.5 sacks — only six players have more in that span. He’s also been to the playoffs four times. In that span, the Browns have failed to win eight games in a single season. As for Cameron, he played for the Browns from 2011-14, catching 130 passes for 1,600 yards and 10 touchdowns before finishing out his career in Miami. He retired in 2017 due to concerns over concussions.