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No former NFL player had a worse time on the day of the league’s championship games than Hall of Fame offensive lineman Willie Roaf.

Both of Roaf’s former teams, the Chiefs and Saints, fell achingly short of advancing to the Super Bowl.

Roaf, who went to the Pro Bowl in all four season with the Chiefs from 2002-05, talked a bit about Kansas City while in a pair of appearances on Paul Gant’s “Go4It” podcast.

First, Roaf discussed the Chiefs’ 37-31 loss to the Patriots in the AFC Championship Game.

“The Chiefs didn’t show up in the first half. … The Chiefs played catch-up and they got back into that game,” Roaf said. “The Chiefs took the lead in the game, so some of that is on them, too. That defense has to step up and make a few more plays and the Chiefs are in the Super Bowl. …

“And, again, the Patriots got luck on their side. They got some calls that went their way. There were some bad calls and you have the third-down situation with Dee Ford and here we go they are back in the Super Bowl. The Chiefs could have easily been in the Super Bowl, too.”

Despite that loss, Roaf believes the Chiefs are going to be good for quite a while thanks to quarterback Patrick Mahomes, tight end Travis Kelce, receiver Tyreek Hill and the rest of the offense.

“They got Mahomes, who is a different quarterback than anybody,” Roaf said. “The offense has a bunch of guys and the best tight end in the league …

“I will tell you this: the Chiefs will be back a lot coming up in the future. If they add pieces to their defense and get more running backs and … mostly draft defense. The Chiefs will be knocking on the door, and with that young quarterback Mahomes they will be building some type of dynasty.

“So, this is this kid’s first year starting, and he is just now figuring things out … and Sammy Watkins was out most of the year. And then, they lost (running back Kareem) Hunt going into the playoffs, and he was still able to go up and down the field.

“So, you give me some more weapons, and you keep that young group intact, you tell me how good the Chiefs are going to be in the next few years? They got a chance to win a couple of rings with that young boy in Kansas City.”

Roaf, however, would like Mahomes to quit playing basketball. He had seen the video of Mahomes’ spin move and read of the Chiefs’ desire to have their star quarterback curtail that off-season activity.

In fact, Roaf believes his days of playing basketball in the offseason may have led to an injury that caused him to miss time with the Saints.

“I went to Duke and leaned up before the ‘98 season,” Roaf said. “I was playing a lot of basketball and the guy training me was an ex-basketball player … and I did have to get my knee cleaned out in the middle of the season. Being 300 pounds and running around and dunking, and jumping and doing that stuff, I had to get my knee cleaned out and I think that was directly because of me playing basketball.

“So he’s got to watch it running up and down. He’s young, but you’ve got to watch it running up and down that hardwood and changing direction and stuff. What if you come down the wrong way? They’re about to give you $200 million (contract), I don’t think they want you playing a lot of basketball.”

Roaf also talked about former teammate Tony Gonzalez’s who was voted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame and Kelce. You can listen to the podcasts here. Roaf talked about the Chiefs’ future Super Bowl chances in this podcast.

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